“She has worked diligently to keep this work moving despite the dearth of information she received and the last-minute changes to the project construction location! I feel she has gone beyond the call of duty. The work Inger has helped us complete is a major accomplishment for the ... project — and I couldn't have done it without her.

—Lead project manager for major Puget Sound transportation project


Goings on at PGG

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Other 2015 News

David Wampler has joined our staff of hydrogeologists and environmental professionals.

Glen Wallace is now a Registered Geologist in Oregon.

Janet Knox and Laura Johnson teamed with ARI for
Co-elution of Contaminant Drivers at Cleanup Sites and the Role of Consilience” (poster at SETAC 2014 in Vancouver, BC and Battelle Contaminated Sediments Conference 2015 in New Orleans, LA).

2014 News

Glen Wallace, PhD was moderator for a panel at Re-Using Contaminated Land on October 2, 2014 presented by NEBC, NAIOP, and Ecology.

PGG was part of the project team for the Cities of Lacey and Olympia that won the 2014 Excellence in Engineering Award for medium-sized projects from the American Water Works Association’s Pacific Northwest Section for the Woodland Creek Groundwater Recharge Facility. PGG helped characterize local hydrogeologic conditions and assessed the feasibility of large-scale infiltration adjacent to Woodland Creek by refining a groundwater model to simulate local conditions within the Woodland Creek basin.

Glen Wallace, PhD was promoted to Associate Geologist.

Janet Knox was Co-Chair at Hydrology for Lawyers (Law Seminars International) in March 2014.

Peter Schwartzman presented, “Overview of the science of ground water and surface water interaction and how retiring agricultural water rights and converting to other uses affects overall water availability” at Law Seminars International.

Jill Van Hulle gave the Law Seminars talk, “How recent changes in the law have altered the significance and type of hydrology work: Permitting and regulatory decisions that now require hydrology/hydrogeology analysis; typical and trending studies and findings in ground water appropriation”.